Thursday, June 30, 2011

Niklas the Swiss mountain Gnome

Little ones !
Have I ever told you about Niklas?
Well, he is a friend from Switzerland.

He lives way up in the mountains with his little Squirrel friend Loki.
He has a very important job, he makes sure the Swiss cows are all back in their stable before the Winter comes.
You know the Swiss farmers let their cows roam the mountain greens during Summer ?
Sometimes a cow gets lost but Swiss cows wear bells and usually the farmer finds it quickly.
But as soon as the snow falls it is more difficult to find them, because of the snow the sound of the bells is muffled .
And there is where Niklas and Loki comes in.

He jumps on his sleigh, pulled by the magnificent strong white Squirrel Loki and because of a Gnome's outstanding hearing he soon will find the lost soul.
Sometimes a beautiful Jay comes to warn him about avalanches !
There is this rumour little ones, when there is snow and mist and sun, sometimes it causes strange huge shadow projections on the mountains and it happened quite often that people saw a shadow from Niklas and Loki high on a mountain and I think it inspired a certain "someone " as a way to bring gifts around the world. 

Oh look here is a photo of him and Loki !

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Why every home should have a Gnome . . . .

Look what I found this morning !
First I noticed all of the blackberries were gone and then I saw this.
( Hehehe he left his apron for me to wash it )
Thank you Ukki, for this delicious Jam !

P.S. I couldn't find little Ginny anywhere !!
Guess where she was !
Asleep in the Blackcurrant shrub !!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Every home should have a Gnome ♥

This morning, my gnome guest came to join me at my kitchen table ( sometimes he sits with me as I watch television and gives funny comments ) and told me this wonderful story of a Gnome and a squirrel.
Couldn't wait to get my needle and wool . . . . . .

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Oh Jay ;-)

I'm working on the second Jay ( the one in the tree) I love this bird, his colours, his personality ! 

Isn't it magic ? Wool and a needle ! 

Friday, June 17, 2011

The changeling

This time little ones, I have a sad story.
You know the story of Pinocchio ? How he turns from a doll into a real boy?
This story is the other way around, a boy turning into a doll.

It all happened in a small village in Wales, England. . . . . .
In that village lived a woman who just had a baby boy, one day she went outside to feed the chickens.
She was only outside for a minute when she thought she heard her boy cry and quickly ran into the house to check the baby.
She made an awful discovery, in the crib was a baby boy but it wasn't her beloved boy.
She immediately knew what happened, her child was switched by the Elfs.
It was a Changeling !
Well she cried for days,weeks and months but she knew there was little chance of seeing her boy back.
The best she could do was take care of this strange boy for she knew the Elf-mother would treat her son the same way she treated this Elf boy.
She dressed him with fine cloths, no shoes tho, she was afraid he would ran away, and gave him the best food but she couldn't love him.
The Elf boy always felt sad and as soon he could walk he was sitting on the windowsill, just looking outside.

His human-mother saw him smile just once ; when a Jay came to the window.
From that day she called him 'Adar " ( that means bird in Welsh )
The Jay lost a feather and the human-mother made a necklace for the boy with the feather, she hoped he would smile again.

The boy never smiled again.
When the boy was 5 years old he wouldn't want to go to bed anymore, he just sat by the window.
The human-mother didn't bother to call him, she had a baby girl and it was her pride and joy.
It was a sweet little girl and because her "brother "wouldn't play with her, she played with her doll who she loved dearly.
Adar watched them play and one day he gave up hope, his mother would never come to take him away, he would never be loved in this house.
He turned into a doll. . . . . . . dolls are beloved and maybe one day, there would be someone who loved him.

Adar will be in my Etsy shop today.. . . . . .

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Telling a story.. . . . . .

The gnome's name is  Lumikello, that means "snowdrop" in Finland. He is born in Finland but he has been travelling around the world for ages.
He asked the little critters to call him Ukki, that means Grandpa in Finnish.
He is settled in here and has a room of his own which he happily shares with the little ones. 

Okay you sweeties, are you ready for a story? 

 Well, some years ago I had to go far away for a meeting with some other gnomes.
I was in Siberia,it was Winter and very cold, there was this huge Blizzard and I couldn't see more then a foot ahead.
Suddenly, without making a sound , this large Barn Owl landed in front of me.
Wheew! Who are you, beautiful bird? 
My name is Alba and I will lead you through this blizzard she said.
And so she did, she flew in front of me until I was at the right place.
So, little ones, this is what people say about the Owl :
Barn owls are the ones who see without seeing and hear without hearing; the ones who can hear what is not spoken and ones
that see things without physical sight.
 She knew I was lost and had to go to that meeting, but no one has told her.
In Siberia they say the Owl is a helpful Spirit.

Goodnight little ones. . . .  

The Barn Owl is in my Etsy shop
The cutest little critters are made by Barby Anderson

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The storyteller

Didn't I say this before?  Dolls have a mind of their own ? I totally had different plans with this little guy, but after a couple of outfits, my son looked at him and said : " he looks like a storyteller and I think he needs a night gown.
I made him a nightcap and yes I think when I make him a long sleeping gown and a book in his hands, he is going to be a storyteller.
His head is movable ( Yes ! ) and I put some wire in his fingers so he can grab something.

P.S. I'm totally in love with his little glasses . . . . . .