Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

I  want to say Thank you and Merry Christmas to all of you  who follow and leave such lovely comments on my blog, all of you who adopted my creations and all of the bloggers who are such an inspiration !

I was send this gorgeous photo by Teresa who is the sweetest lady and the gnomes think so too :-)
I loooove this photo Teresa, thank you so much !

Merry Christmas

Helen X

Monday, December 19, 2011

The Sandman . . . .

Uncle Ukki had some visitors the last couple of days. 
It was the Sandman and his donkey !
It wasn't just a friend's visit, Sandman's donkey Suzanne had a little problem and Uncle Ukki is an expert on animal behaviour so the Sandman needed his help.
Uncle Ukki and his assistant little  Higgins had to train Suzanne every year how to fly when there is fireworks in the sky. Well actually, they hypnotize her so she wouldn't be afraid. 
In the meanwhile Mr. Sandman flies around on an owl, which is great of course but not as comfy as his own little Suzanne.
Everybody thinks the Sandman is only at work at night but now I've seen what a busy schedule he has.
There are many people ( children) and animals who sleep during daytime and I had the opportunity to take his photo while in action !
Hahahaaa Pinky had no idea !
I was not allowed to take a photo of Suzanne until Uncle Ukki and Higgins were ready with her "training" but they promised she would be ready by the end of this week.

Helen X

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The sad Snowman ......and a happy ending

Arthur and Ginny hurried outside with their new sleigh !
Wow Arthur, look at this white world, it's a pity Higgins couldn't join us, he had to help Uncle Ukki.
Wait Arthur ! Do you hear that ?
They heard a woefully sound, it was like a sad song. 
They listened carefully and yes the sound came out of a cave nearby .
Oh my goodness ! There stood a Snowman singing a very very sad song. . .
What's the matter mister Snowman ?
And then he started to tell his story. . . . . .

♫ I came from the heavens as snow
                                             you know
    I fell on the ground, just looking at the sky
    Then a little boy passes by
♫ He made me, I think it was yesterday
    when he was finished, he ran away
♫ If snow becomes a snowman
    you are born again
   Now I have eyes for sight
    to see this world's delight
♫ But I wish I was in another place
    instead of this tiny space
♫ I'm standing in this little hole
    I might just have been snow under someone's sole
♫ I'm all alone, nothing to see
    Even the stars can't smile down on me
♫ I have never seen the moon
    And I will be melting soon
♫ So, no memories to share with Mother Earth
   What has my life been worth ?
The poor Snowman cried a big icicle  
His head and arms hang down 

 Oh mister Snowman, I know what to do !
Wait a sec, I'll be right back ! 
They ran and ran as fast as their little legs could carry them. 
Before the Snowman could blow his carrot nose he saw a merry parade coming his way !
Mister Snowman, here is something beautiful to look at and we brought you a little friend of us to keep you company.
His name is Duff and he is a bear so he likes being in a cave and don't mind snow.
He will be your friend until you melt !
The Snowman couldn't believe his little charcoal eyes.
That was the most beautiful tree to see ! And this little bear wants to be friends !
When Arthur and Ginny went back home the Snowman had a big smile and he and Duff waved them goodbye .

Little Duff is made by Sharon:

Little mice by Barby Anderson :