Thursday, June 21, 2012

Disturbing news . . . .

This week Uncle Ukki received two photographs by Mole-mail ( as in the animal ).
Very very disturbing, the photo's are from a Gnome tomb.
Gnomes are buried too but it's on a secret location and no human ever discovered their whereabouts.
There are several locations on the world and luckily Uncle Ukki recognized this Tomb so he is going away for a while to investigate.
All he will tell us it's in Germany in a hill called "Schloß Berg " .
He expects to be back Saturday June 30.

Helen xxx


  1. We will look forward to Uncle Ukki's return and a complete report from him!

  2. I hope that Unkle Ukki will have a safe trip to Schloß Berg. I hope that he will bring more informations, I'm very intrigued!!

  3. Da bin ich ja auch gespannt was Onkel Ukki so alles zu berichten hat wenn er wieder bei euch in Holland ist. Bis dahin wünsche ich ihm einen schönen Aufenthalt in Deutschland, wo hoffentlich bald der Sommer einkehrt.

    liebste Grüße Jessi

  4. Beautiful work! In regards to the post you left on my blog, this work is much too intricate to use paper mache. I do use paper clay often though, no kiln needed.

  5. Hmmm..I do know that Gnomes live for hundreds of years. Is this an old tomb? It must not be that new if Uncle Ukki has recognized it. Why would someone send these? Did Uncle Ukki question the Mole who brought the mail? But of course, I imagine they are so busy at the Post office these days..the Mole might not have any idea where the envelopes came from!!Is there something going on with this Tomb, trouble brewing??I am very curious and a bit worried. Oh dear, I hope Uncle Ukki can hurry and solve the mystery! I don't think I can wait till the 30th!!!

  6. Oh my, very disturbing indeed! Good luck Uncle Ukki! :)


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